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5 Reasons Why OLED Brings
Gaming to a New Level

Nov 16, 2020

The most important aspect of a gaming setup would definitely be the monitor. Response time, input lags, VRR, and picture quality are all unnegotiable factors to review thoroughly. Different types of displays have varying mechanisms, making each different from one another in both performance and specifications. Which type of display is best designed for gaming? Find out why the answer is always OLED.

A clear sky blue virtual screen floats on a background mixed with purple and black.
There is a virtual screen about natural reality on the purple background, and various phrases and pictograms are written in sky blue on the virtual screen.
Along with the background of the green series, words related to the virtual screen and VRR are written in sky blue.
There is a virtual screen floating on the background of the color of red, and words about the low response speed are written in sky blue.
A virtual screen floats on the background of indigo and blue, and the words about the minimized input wreck are written in sky blue.
On the background screen mixed with blue and purple, there are words about the quality of the picture along with the sky blue background screen.
In the background of the mixture of blue and red, words about peaceful eyes float along with the virtual screen.

OLED Explained in the Words
of Star Game Commentator Tasteless

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