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The Perfect Canvas for Expressing Color and Art Welcome to the Magnificent World of OLED.

Sep 4, 2021

Enjoy the vibrantly colored and boldly designed BVLGARI jewelry and media artworks all at one placeㅡthe BVLGARI COLORS exhibition. OLED offers breathtaking visual enchantments through its color accuracy and design flexibility.

The work of art with several panels on a black background that clearly shows white and orange colors.
On the dark black background, seven OLED screens in white and red are placed on the left, and two orange screens on the right. On the dark black background, the left wall is surrounded by orange OLED, with a shelf in the center and orange on the right.
Clear and Vivid Visual Enthrallment Presented by OLED
It’s not an exaggeration to say that the BVLGARI COLORS exhibition is a stage for technological prowess. Going beyond a mere display, OLED shows off the brilliant colors of BVLGARI jewelry as well as the vivid and diverse artworks inspired by them, elevating the exhibition to another level.
Imagination Realized through Flexible

The backlight-less nature of OLED is how a perfectly transparent display is realized. Four giant panels connect to assemble an immense OLED sculpture, on which captivating video clips are layered to showcase a multi-dimensional display and media art. In the BVLGARI COLORS exhibition, OLED goes beyond being a conventional screen, allowing the freedom of expression and presenting an outstanding brilliance never before experienced.

It is an OLED screen that expresses colorful buildings and light. OLED panel shows orange light with several buildings around it.
The Perfect Canvas to Express Artistic intent

OLED’s color fidelity and clarity stem from individually self-lighting pixels, making it the perfect canvas for creating art. Not only does OLED replicate the colors and textures that perfectly align with an artist’s vision, but its physical flexibility allows the freedom of form to inspire and enhance creativity.

Multiple OLED screens show vivid and excellent color expression, and multiple works are everywhere in front of the screen.
There are two high-clear OLED screens in blue and orange series, and there are three works of art around them. Two white and red glass towers are close-up, and colorful glass is piled up like a tower.
Jongwon Kim; A man is standing in front of an OLED screen that clearly shows white and orange colors.
I would like to create calligraphic art on a large-scale multi-paneled OLED screen. Black is an essential color for calligraphers such as myself. I am very much looking forward to the perfect color contrast of OLED.”
- Jongwon Kim, Artist
Junghak Lee;  A man is sitting in a suit and behind him is a line of Bulgari-related products.
OLED displays are top-notch, with their self-illuminating pixels generating detailed picture quality and seemingly infinite contrast ratio. I believe that the allure showcased in the exhibition has reached new heights through our collaboration with OLED.”
- Junghak Lee, CEO of BVLGARI Korea
Vakki;  A woman in primary blue stands hand in hand in front of a dark-colored OLED screen.
I was impressed by the individual pixels coming together to produce the exact colors I wanted to express. Its flexibility allows me to bend, roll, or otherwise manipulate the display, making me feel like I’ve discovered a new canvas to unleash my artistic vision.”
– VAKKI, Installation and Visual Artist
Yiyun Kang; A woman in black is sitting in front of an OLED screen showing various colors.
OLED offers crystal clear images, perfect transparency, and the flexibility to bend or scale up—inspiring not only artists but also creative talents from across diverse fields. I believe that OLED will become a creative outlet to set unbridled creativity into motion.”
- Yiyun Kang, Media Artist and Professor at the Royal College of Art

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