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Highlights from
CES 2021
You Can’t Miss Out On

Jan 25, 2021

With the current contactless era at hand, LG Display has presented a virtual showroom under the theme “Display, now the real world comes to you” for the public and partners to access online. Introducing the latest innovations, LG Display’s virtual showroom not only showcased cutting-edge display products through 11 lifestyle theme zones, but also portrayed features that are designed to protect the users’ health.

Here are some highlights from the event.

The CES 2021 Experience
with LG Display

OLED is well known as a technology that delivers realistic and natural picture quality without any exaggeration. Given that in mind, the CES 2021 virtual exhibition introduced a variety of innovative product lineups that can be used in real life situations. Get a peek at the experience zones designed to emulate a smart home, workplace, retail shop, restaurant and the metro, as well as in other industries such as education and gaming.

3 Transparent OLED Products Open New Doors to Endless Opportunities

Transparent OLED provides ultimate transparency and crystal clear visuals, even without a backlight. With its unique qualities, the Transparent OLED can not only add a high-end touch to a wide range of spaces but also open new doors to endless opportunities in a variety of industries. Find out the industries in which a Transparent OLED can be used to bring more convenience to people in real life.

4 Products that Will Further Optimize Our ‘Lifestyles in Harmony’

Through the CES exhibition this year, it became even clearer that OLED is a display technology that can adapt to the changing lifestyles of customers, even amidst the new reality of a society with and without contact. Discover the display solutions that can bring added convenience to daily life below.

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