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Leading New Opportunities with OLED Technology at Display Week 2021

May 23, 2021
Inside the building, which consists of glass walls, there are OLED panels of various sizes in the exhibition hall, and many people walk around and look at the panels.

Display Week, hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID), is the world’s largest annual symposium and tradeshow that brings both industry and academia to offer the first peek at the world-changing innovations, soon-to-be-launched game changers and ultimately, the future of display. This year, SID Display Week 2021 was held May 17-21 as an all-virtual event, drawing more than 10,000 attendees from more than 50 countries.

This year at Display Week 2021, LG Display opened virtual showrooms, demonstrating the specific values and experiences only OLED technology can deliver.

Within the virtual showroom, the New Value Creation Zone and the Automotive Display Zone showcased an array of new and innovative values and products that only OLED can deliver, including rollable, transparent and bendable displays like P-OLED and OLEDoS. While the 0.42-inch OLEDoS for AR, is the optimal display for AR devices with its highest resolution and brightness, the 12.8-inch Rollable display is a 4-in-1 display that illustrates the trailblazing automotive display technology that maximizes the technological achievements of P-OLED.

OLED technology has allowed TVs to shed the bulky backlight that has been the cause of cumbersome TVs. The Rollable OLED is the case in point. All thanks to the self-emitting nature of OLED technology, it was revealed that the industry’s most prestigious honor granted to the most innovative display product, “The Display of the Year Award”, has been awarded to the 65-inch Rollable OLED.

The OLED panels clearly show the green mountains and rivers, and two women stand on both side of the panels.

The paper-thin Rollable OLED panel rolls up and down countless times without degradation or breaking while strictly maintaining unprecedented picture quality, perfect black and accurate colors. Yet another greatest novelty of the Rollable OLED is that the areas inevitably occupied by a large screen are now freed up with this ultra-seamless option. As the panel can be tucked into its elegant base without a trace, space design can be rethought from the ground up, placing a gigantic screen right in front or in the middle of things without obstructing visibility.

The Rollable OLED marks a shift in paradigm of display. But what’s more, it epitomizes OLED’s infinite applicability across numerous industries, including automobiles and aircrafts – something that hasn’t been possible with conventional TVs. LG Display is deeply honored by the award and accolades and will never cease to challenge ourselves to bring more revolutionary technology and greater convenience and solutions to the world.

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