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LG Display at IFA 2022 Providing a Quick Glance View of the Evolution of OLED Technology

Sep 6, 2022
Various kinds of OLED displays are presented at LG Display booth of IFA 2022, and visitors are watching them.

From September 2nd to 6th, LG Display showcased the evolution of OLED technology at the IFA 2022 (Internationale Funkausstellung), the largest IT and home appliance trade show in Europe. The IFA, one of the world’s three most prestigious IT and home appliance exhibitions, used to be held in Berlin in early September, but since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, the fair has taken a hybrid format, holding exhibitions both on and offline.

This year, the IFA 2022 was offered fully face-to-face for the first time in three years, turning it into an even more meaningful experience for all the participants and visitors. Under the theme of ‘Evolutionary Experience of OLED’, LG Display held an exhibition and introduced a full lineup of various OLED.EX products from 97”, 77” 8K, 65” to 42”. The exhibition allowed the visitors to have a first-hand experience of the palpable technological advancements OLED had achieved, which has also been the reason OLED stays at the top even in the premium TV market.

Evolution of OLED Technology Felt with All Your Senses
  • There is a white-tone booth with LG Display logo at IFA 2022 exhibition, and various kinds of OLED displays are presented with excellent picture quality. There is a white-tone booth with LG Display logo at IFA 2022 exhibition, and various kinds of OLED displays are presented with excellent picture quality.
  • Visitors are standing in front of 'History of OLED' booth and listening to the explanation. Visitors are standing in front of 'History of OLED' booth and listening to the explanation.
  • Visitors are watching 'Evolution of Size' booth and a man is taking a picture. Visitors are watching 'Evolution of Size' booth and a man is taking a picture.

At the IFA 2022, LG Display set up a 247 square meter booth and demonstrated the power and excellence of OLED technology honed over many years of its research and development efforts.

For the best possible first-hand experience for the visitors, LG Display’s exhibition adopted three overarching sub-themes of technology, size, and resolution, presenting a quick glance view of the progresses and evolution of OLED technology.

Having a better grasp of the history of the evolution of OLED begins with a journey into 10 years of progresses and advancements OLED has achieved throughout its evolutionary milestones. LG Display’s research and development of OLED started off with the 55” FHD OLED in 2013. The unwavering devotion to technological innovation involving panels, elements, and algorithms, was translated into the completion of the OLED.EX, the latest evolution from the already revolutionary OLED technology.

Over time, as LG Display continued to commit itself to the technological innovation and evolution of OLED technology, customers’ growing confidence in the quality of OLED products led to the widespread perception that OLED TVs ensure superior quality.

There is 65-inch 4K OLED.EX introducing the evolution of technology, and the display screen showcases the sea with waves.
① 65” 4K OLED.EX, the Evolution of Technology

Among the full suite of OLED.EX products, the 65” 4K OLED.EX represents a combination of various state-of-the-art technologies, dramatically enhancing the immersion into exquisite details of images. The OLED.EX applied deuterium compounds to organic light-emitting diodes to achieve even more stable and efficient elements and personalized algorithms to fully reflect the user’s viewing pattern.

The deuterium technology and personalized algorithm have increased brightness by 30% and enhanced the stability of the product. Plus, the Narrow Bezel, which is 30% thinner than existing models, completes the slim and seamless design, fitting in perfectly with any type of interior design.

A full lineup of OLED.EX from 97 to 42 inches is introduced with the theme of 'The evolution of the size', and the animation is presented on 97 and 42 inches display screens.
② 97” & 42” 4K OLED.EX,
the Evolution of Size

The super-size 97” 4K OLED.EX is a product that LG Display developed with its OLED.EX technology for those customers looking for both a cinema-like immersive large screen and OLED’s excellent picture quality. The 97” 4K OLED, the largest-ever OLED display in the market, expresses ‘Natural Reality’ most unique to the OLED.EX on an overwhelming scale.

The OLED.EX, the ultimate upgrade so far to the already best possible viewing option enabled by OLED, is offered in a full lineup from 97” to 42”.

77-inch 8K OLED.EX is displayed with the theme of 'The evolution of resolution', and lion images are exposed on the display screen.
③ 77” 8K OLED.EX, the Evolution of Resolution

The 77” 8K OLED.EX unleashes OLED.EX’s evolutionary accomplishments of unprecedented resolution and picture quality. 8K UHD is four times the resolution of 4K and the highest resolution the existing display technology can reach.

While achieving 8K per se is significantly challenging and OLED 8K is known to be even more challenging, LG Display succeeded in applying 8K OLED into 88” and 77” panels. The 77” 8K OLED.EX, in particular, further upgraded the picture quality, maximizing OLED.EX’s ‘Natural Reality.’ It is an ultra-high resolution display with 33 million self-lit pixels that turns any visuals more vivid and immersive than ever.

Groundbreaking Evolution Turning the Future of Display into Reality

The OLED.EX lineup LG Display introduced at the IFA 2022, one of the world’s three largest home appliance exhibitions, is an embodiment of all the technological innovations and evolutions of viewing experience OLED has achieved so far. LG Display has constantly advanced forward with a steadfast commitment to providing the world’s most advanced technology and irreplaceable values that can make our customers’ life and lifestyle easier and better. The long-standing commitment has turned the future of display into reality.

In the coming years, LG Display will continue to commit itself to constant research and development focused on the evolution of OLED technology and best user experience, adding great values to our customers’ everyday living and daily life routines.

For more information about the OLED.EX at the IFA 2022, check out the Official Instagram of OLED SPACE.

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