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LG Display Unveils Next-Generation OLED TV Display ‘OLED.EX’

Oct 5, 2021

The Open Innovation Forum 2021 (OIF 2021) will be held at Magok LG Science Park to present ideas in collaboration with rising start-ups for next-generation OLED form factors, and to offer a glimpse of changes OLED will bring to consumers’ lifestyles.

  • Various OLED panels are installed in the exhibition hall, and each panel shows a clear picture of various colors.
  • Transparent OLED panels installed on the wall show detailed information about the exhibition hall.
  • Two OLED panels installed on the wall show various colors of cosmetics such as red, pink, and orange.
  • Two rollable OLED panels and one OLED panel are hung on the wall, and two black uniforms are hung on each side of the panel showing colorful models.
  • The OLED panels clearly show purple, blue, and sky blue.
  • The OLED panel is bent into a semicircle like a tunnel, and the OLED panel clearly shows various colors.
  • The OLED panels are bent like columns to show huge waves in blue.
  • A black chair and OLED panel are combined and the panel shows the blue trees and beautiful rivers with panels.
  • There is an OLED panel in front of the unicycle, and  the promenade with many trees from the panel are shown.

The second year of OIF provides an opportunity to experience a new type of shopping culture as well as innovative retail spaces. The definition of a shopping experience has expanded to encompass both indoors and outdoors, online and offline. Come along to the showroom to experience the newly interpreted version of shopping as well as to enjoy eye-catching features and areas for rest and relaxation.

Shopping Zone: My Shopping Partner Stays Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Follow the arrow to arrive at the Shopping Zone through the transparent automatic door. In an era where people are contact-averse, even offline shopping is a source of reluctance. One possible solution is touch-based smart shopping: minimizing face-to-face contact reduces anxiety and offers a safe atmosphere where you can shop without apprehension.

The three-dimensional shelf recommends products according to each customer’s taste. The difficulties that customers often face when choosing a product can be resolved by utilizing the displays embedded in the shelf to recommend products that are tailored to the customer, making shopping more enjoyable.

Rather than merely displaying the product, the aesthetically outstanding showcase with transparent display creates an art-like presentation that shows-off a product in a three dimensional and immersive layoutㅡ maximizing your shopping experience.

If you access the tunnel-like Shopping Way, the details of the product you choose, inventory status, and pick-up location spread before you while you can easily make a purchase simply by touching the product you want. The displays that are extended up to the ceiling provide an intuitive shopping experience that provokes a new type of sensation along with the product.

Rest & Play Zone: A Space Designed for Sheer Relaxation and True-to-life Virtual Experience

The black column-shaped OLED panels show white and blue waves look like real waves.
Hologram Piloti

After you shop for a while, there comes a moment where you need something to refresh you. At moments like these, you may feel desperate to sit down and rest for a while. As if your mind has been instantly read, the Rest & Play Zone comes into view as you walk a little further from the Shopping Zone. Here, you can enjoy mesmerizing media art on the cylindrical hologram pilotis, lean comfortably on the media chair that fits you, charge your cell phone, and relax. Plus, a simulator that enables riding and running in virtual reality will give you and your family and friends a true-to-life experience as if you are actually there.

  • The OLED panel is installed with a black chair, so people can sit on the chair and see the panel, and people can see trees and rivers clearly from the panel.
  • A woman is sitting in a chair looking at an OLED panel in a room where the lights are off.
  • Blue mountains and rivers are shown on the OLED panel, and a person is sitting in front of it.
Media Chair

Open Innovation Forum Offers Future Shopping Experience

A future shopping mall that you have only imagined is closer than you think. From the Shopping Zone to Rest & Play Zone, shopping becomes a special experience because it’s no longer limited to shopping itself but opens up new experience through displays. Innovative OLED displays that will lead customers to greater convenience. The innovation is expected to bring us a significant opportunity that will soon upgrade our shopping culture in the near future.

Check out the video below for more details about the brand new as well as special future shopping space.

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