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OLED Joins the Smithsonian for the <FUTURES> Exhibition

Jan 14, 2022

The Smithsonian is the largest complex of museums and education and research centers in the world, with 21museums encompassing aviation, space, history, natural history as well as one zoo. Its 175th anniversary is being commemorated through a very special exhibition taking place in the Arts and Industries Building, the first time it’s been opened to the public in almost 20 years.

“Futures” is the theme for this exhibition, in which the innovative and futuristic OLED joins forces to vividly visualize and convey “future” as the keyword for the exhibition.

The phrase FUTURES is written in neon signs on the ceiling, and many works are placed behind it.
Various 3D exhibits are displayed in a transparent glass showcase.

Going beyond passively looking at items over glass showcases, visitors to FUTURES are able to experience the exhibition in a whole new way. The Smithsonian’s “3D Coral Collection” is displayed on a 48-inch OLED that boasts a top-notch contrast ratio and image quality, providing visitors with the visual thrill of seeing realistic renders of the specimen.

OLED panels on wooden walls show the white holographic work.
The word FUTURES with a white background is seen on the OLED panel on the wooden wall.

Circus Family, an Amsterdam-based artist and design collective, designed and produced “Hi, How R U?”, an interactive installation that showcases an evolved form of communication, connecting people in different locations in real-time for them to share information and communicate with each other.

The transparent OLED panel on the right wall shows various phrases, pictograms and colorful pictograms.

The complete transparency of the Transparent OLED is made possible through self-lit pixel technology, which enables the holographic rendition of people in another location as if they are standing right in front of you. Visitors will be able to experience a futuristic and real-time means of communication lifted straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.

A transparent OLED panel with white words and pixels made of white, blue and sky blue are visible, and a man stands in front of it and looks at the panel.

The 83-inch OLED screens eight new independent films that portray the resilience and hopes of ordinary people under America’s social issues. The large-scale OLED display provides an immersive experience with vivid colors, inspiring the viewers and encouraging them to dream of a better future.

In the middle of the room, a yellow OLED panel emits purple light, and ivory and gray cushions are placed next to it.
The OLED panel clearly shows the colorful clothes of people drying blue futons and futons.

This exhibition is all the more meaningful, as it is the first planned exhibition since Covid-19 filled with hopes for the future. Come and see the vibrant and vivid renditions of the future realized by Smithsonian and OLED displays.

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