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OLED Technology Meets Nature as a Media Art

Oct 6, 2021

OLED brings the gallery experience to your own home or office space thanks to true-to-life visuals, self-emissive pixels and superior technology. The nature-themed digital art in these architectural spaces offers the relaxing aspects of nature without visiting a gallery. Instead of being hidden by large displays, nature is amplified through OLED’s self-lit pixels, cinema-quality sound and innovative curved panels.

Media art and the natural world become one with Transparent OLED. Beyond the canvas that presents a backdrop of snow-capped mountain, the seagull flies into the Transparent OLED screen, and a ship glides in. This blend of action happening on-screen and outside creates a new art form in itself; a blur of the physical and digital. Transparent OLED serves as a frame – not an obstruction – to the relaxing scenery. Blur the lines between fantasy and reality with the Transparent OLED – a window to the outside world and an entrance to otherworldly opportunities.

Curved Wallpaper OLED, which is designed to represent the shape of waves, becomes a work of art on its own. The Wallpaper OLED provides a sense of immersion, maximizing the artistic quality and a depth of the work. A suspended chrome whale dives towards the screens, which curve around the room to create the illusion of waves to convey a sense of true relaxation. The lightweight display becomes a part of the public space, supporting concave and convex curvatures for all manner of exhibitions.

This space creates an audio-visual experience thanks to the Cinematic Sound OLED’s self-emissive pixels, which permeate sound and color from each individual pixel to bring nature inside. Immerse yourself in sounds of the babbling brook or hear the song of a bird through the leaves in sync with the action on screen. The true-to-life colors and sounds mean you can enjoy the wellbeing benefits of nature from anywhere in the world.

The architectural aspects of the Transparent OLED, Wallpaper OLED, and Cinematic Sound OLED create immersive media art in any space. The convergence of OLED and media art not only presents the nature to us, but also provides a new experience where you can feel the nature more closely.

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