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OLED Travels:
Technology Meets
Architecture in Chicago

Apr 23, 2021

Transparent OLED, Wallpaper OLED and Cinematic Sound OLED are transported to this Midwestern Chicago apartment inspired by nature.

Chicago is known for its array of unique architectural styles, not least for the Prairie-style concept created by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Characterized by horizontal lines, open-plan spaces and a focus on natural materials, Prairie buildings were inspired by the sprawling Midwestern landscape. These organic structures were built to suit the environment, much like OLED technology is designed to blend into every room seamlessly.

The horizontal lines of the steel window frames, parquet wooden floor and stone wall, are amplified – literally – by the Cinematic Sound OLED. This stylish living room is transformed into a luxury movie theatre by generating sound directly from the Cinematic Sound OLED’s thin, self-emissive display and front-facing speakers. The Cinematic Sound OLED synchronizes what you see and hear, offering the most authentic audio and visual experience in the comfort of your home.

Chicago may be famous for its Prairie aesthetic, but it is even more well-known for its deep dish pizza. Thanks to the Transparent OLED, you can view authentic Chicago pizza recipes and more in high definition while still keeping an eye on the children, entertaining guests or looking out onto Chicago’s dazzling lights. With a self-emissive display, there’s no need for a backlight or bulky housing. The Transparent OLED effortlessly blends into your design aesthetic with a supreme level of transparency.

With the angular lines of the stone pillars, marble countertop and wooden storage units, you could be forgiven for thinking that Chicago’s Cloud Gate sculpture is visible through a frameless window, or at the very least, a piece of artwork. Instead, the vista is showcased via the Wallpaper OLED; its ultra-thin screen disappearing into the wall to bring nature into this cozy space. The hidden bezel creates the ultimate illusion here, with the self-emissive display appearing to sit flush with the wall for a seamless synchronization.

Nature is the ultimate muse for Chicago’s Prairie architecture, blending flawlessly with the land and playing to its strengths. The simplicity of OLED’s technology mirrors this approach of creating something so modern, innovative and inspiring that it doesn’t need overpower; it just blends.

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