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OLED, above and beyond ordinary TV experience.

Feel a rainbow of emotions through hyper-realism never before encountered. Through clearer colors and heightened image quality, you will feel like you are plunged into the heart of the story unfolding on screen.
Jun 15, 2021

Wonder why OLED is so much more immersive?

Blurring the line between the couch and the screen!

As a backlight-less display with self-lit pixels, the eye-friendly OLED TV provides a wider viewing angle, as well as expressing perfect blacks, vivid colors, and minute details. All these factors come together for top-notch immersion that makes you feel like you are part of the story. Experience movies that come alive with amazing realism on the OLED TV.

A check made by combining three black oblique lines with red, green and blue oblique lines shows the picture quality. Picture Quality
Three arrows pointing to the center of the curved calibration curve indicate the viewing angle. Viewing Angle
The blue eyes represent the eye comfort Eye

01. Picture Quality A spellbinding cinematic experience

The LCD panel shows a white car running across the sunset sky and desert, while OLED panel shows the scene clearly.

OLED TV allows viewers to enjoy the exact image quality and colors intended by the filmmakers. OLED is a premium display in which pixels are self-lit resulting in higher color precision, greater contrast ratio, and wider viewing angles compared to LCD. Because it is acknowledged as the unrivaled display for realizing intended colors without distortion, many colorists in Hollywood use OLED for optimal editing or production.

Feel the full spectrum of emotions invoked by the filmmakers through the spectacular viewing experience made possible by OLED.

02. Viewing Angle Every spot in the room is a sweet spot

With three OLED panels placed on the curve, a soldier is holding a gun and running to avoid the flames.

Have you ever noticed degraded image quality when viewing the TV outside the sweet spot? As OLED does not use liquid crystals, there is little or no luminance degradation and colors remain precise. Therefore, you are able to enjoy images that are not blurry or distorted even off-axis. Self-lit OLEDs are capable of expressing the same color at any angle, enabling you to be fully engaged in the screen wherever you are seated.

Wherever you place your OLED TV, every spot in the room is a sweet spot.

03. Eye Comfort Long-lasting eye comfort

This LCD panel shows a man driving a fluorescent helmet and motorcycle in a vast desert.
The OLED panel vividly shows a man riding a fluorescent helmet and motorcycle through the vast desert.

LG Display’s OLED panel is the world's first Eyesafe® certified TV display. OLED displays meet Eyesafe® requirements for low blue light emission while keeping colors and image quality optimal. Enjoy every second of the lengthiest of movies with the comfort of a low blue light, flicker-free OLED display!

Eyesafe® is a certification jointly developed by TÜV Rheinland, a world-renowned testing and certification agency and Eyesafe, a US-based certification agency specializing in eye safety.

Eyesafe certified logo co-developed by TUV Rheinland and Eyesafe

*Applies to 65” OLED TV only

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