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The Best Gaming Display
For the Gamers. By the Gamers.

Take your gameplay to a new level with OLED.
Jun 15, 2021

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Why an OLED TV for gaming?

A gaming TV is key to winning the merciless battle in the gaming arena where the winner is decided in 1 millisecond.

OLED is the ultimate gaming gear that enables your moves to be as agile and nimble as possible so you respond more quickly and precisely than other players. With OLED technology’s unparalleled response time, picture quality, thrilling speed and much more, let the specs and features to give you an edge and roll out the red carpet to your victory.

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01. Superior Interactivity Faster than other

The response time of each OLED pixel faster than LCD. This is the reason OLED display can ensure clarity of actions with highest precision. Stay ahead of the pack and crush the game with overwhelming response time!

Logos certified from Intertek
TUV rheinland Certified Logo

OLED - Qualified Superior Gaming Performance (Intertek)

  • *<0.1ms Response Time (Gray – to-Gray)
  • *Inverse Ghosting Free (△E<2 : 100%)
* Recorded response time of less than 0.1ms based on transition time from light gray to dark gray (Gray to Gray)
* An afterimage of movement commonly seen on LCD displays

OLED – Certified *High Gaming Performance (TUV)

* Comprehensively measuring panel capabilities such as refresh rate, GTG response time, motion blur, and color gamut

Input and output
perfectly in sync!

Quick reflexes are key to fast-paced games like shooting and fighting games.Did you know that even with the lowest *Input Lag, response rate remains crucial?

The utmost gaming performance requires both low input lag and quick response time. Total Input Lag is a notion that combines the amount of time spent for both input lag and response, indicating the lapse between the input of a signal in the display and the precise output on the screen. In terms of total input lag, an OLED TV is 1.6 times faster than an LCD TV (OLED TV 9.7ms, LCD TV 16.4ms). Hit the perfect timing and outwit your enemy with the lowest-ever total input lag of OLED technology!

* Input Lag: Stutter or delay in response between the input of a command with a keyboard or mouse, like move or attack and the occurrence of a corresponding action.

02. Immersive Reality Out-of-this-world
picture quality

Want to enjoy the latest games to the fullest with an unmatched picture quality? OLED delivers perfect black and absolute color accuracy not only in the standard mode but in the gaming mode as well, enabling finer and richer depiction of every game scene. Because each pixel emits light and color on their own and controls themselves individually, OLED delivers a higher-than-ever resolution, offering ultra-immersive gaming experience.

03. Eye Comfort Display that relieves
eye strain

In front of sunglasses, there are two OLED panels that show blue sky and clouds, the left sunglasses lens shows the sky as it is, and the right lens looks black and cloudy.

Playing games in the dark or for an extended period can cause eye strain. How’s a TV that relieves eye strain as well as great picture quality?

Logo certified by TuvRheinland about eye comfort
Logo certified by FlickerFree
Logo certified by Eyesafe
Logo stating that LG have received Discomfort Glare Free certification from UL

OLED emits less blue light that can cause fatigue.
(UL and TUV certified, in comparison to premium LCD TVs, based on LGD measurements) No flickering, so there’s less eye strain. (Flicker-Free, Eyesafe certified) Enjoy eye-safe gameplay with OLED!


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