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OLED X PEACHES Collaboration <OLED ART WAVE: Every Wave You Will Sense>

Oct 14, 2021

The vibration of your phone from a text, the rumble of the subway under the ground, the slosh of waves on your feet from last Summer’s beach, the rhythm of the heartbeat that spreads with your body’s warmth, the abundance of possibilities from overnight conversations, and the air of numerous moments that we exchange with one another… Our days are saturated with traces: traces of our unique energies reciprocating and reshaping one another. Although invisible and intangible, there is a “wave” in each of us that, perhaps, has the potential to reach farther than anything else.

Several phrases are written in black and pink on the walls of the pink building.

Here, art traverses these “waves” and creates new currents in our lives. The exhibition OLED ART WAVE: Every Wave You Will Sense, unravelled in Peaches. D8NE (“doh-won”), a space full of unfettered street culture creativity and the infinite potentials of the new generation. Presented at Peaches. D8NE are the artworks of five Korean and international artists most celebrated today (Ram Han, Buttercup, Sinae Yoo, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Heemin Chung) along with a special collaborative video between OLED and Peaches., the most beloved lifestyle brand among Generation MZ.

The large pink poster is hung in black and pink, and the white poster is hung in a certain pattern.
On the left is a building built of brown bricks with several pink posters on the wall of a light-filled alley.

Each artist in the exhibition presented their unique energy, their “wave,” and strived to create synesthetic experiences that they can share with the audience. Their works represented the transcendent time and space that only art can realize in the constricting conditions of a pandemic. Furthermore, they reintroduced today’s lost senses of connection and intimacy as a visual manifestation, which is enhanced into an authentic experience through OLED technology, a medium that creates vivid reproductions of imagination and reality alike.

  • Some people are looking at pink pictures on their cell phones.
  • Some people are looking at pink pictures on their cell phones.
  • The pink background says OLED! in blue.

A space actively utilized for car tuning, Peaches. D8NE’s garage area housed material matters (2021) by Heemin Chung, who uses visuo-tactile methods to present the gap between the flat world on a screen and the real world, and Petrichor (2021) by Sinae Yoo, who creates unique hybrid images and majestic sounds around the subculture “window flex.”

The room has a fence on the right and left sides, with gray and green sports cars on the left and OLED TVs on the right.
Many people are watching and sitting in front of OLED TVs that express bright blue light.
The man and woman sit in front of the fence and take a picture of them facing each other.

And the lounge area housed Souvenir(you can’t save now)_01_F (2021) by illustrator Ram Han, who paints surreal digital paintings in exuberant colors. Based on the images and motifs in digital games, the work attends to the mixed sense of virtuality and reality in everyday life, and presents an interface between the two worlds. Moreover, The Unknown World (2021) by 3D motion graphic artist Buttercup, invited the audience to slip into a mysterious virtual world of fantastical light and color.

A pink car is placed in a room with white wallpaper and pink lights, and many people are sitting and standing around it.
On the left side of the room with white wallpaper and pink lights, there are five OLED screens showing various colors, and on the right side, there are large OLED screens showing vivid pink colors.
  • Various colors of pink, purple, and blue are clearly displayed on the OLED screen.
  • Various colors of pink, purple, and blue are clearly displayed on the OLED screen.
  • Various colors of pink, purple, and blue are clearly displayed on the OLED screen.

In the meantime, the work of Jacolby Satterwhite, one of the most active new media artists in the U.S., transformed the bar (Smoking Tigers) into a special screening hall. Satterwhite’s We Are In Hell When We Hurt Each Other (2020) hints at the hopeful possibility that, while reality is fragmented, repetitive, and sometimes violent, art can capture more insightful ways to see the world and be a source of recovery.

On the left is a blue-lighted phrase, in the middle is a white car, and on the right is an orange peachesLED light, and many people sit behind it.
Six OLED screens are attached to form a huge screen, and the screen clearly depicts the blue series of scenes.

Lastly, Peaches. as an artist presented Infinite Dreams (2021), the special collaboration video between OLED and Peaches. The video, which starts with a small ice cream cup filled with the excitement of childhood, expands into the universe of novel imaginations and infinite energies. Presented on the extensive OLED screens that were installed on the walls and ceilings alongside the visitors’ movement, Infinite Dreams transmitted Peaches’ dreams even closer to the viewer.

The OLED screen attached to the ceiling vividly depicts black and blue, with a skateboard on the white left wall and a peach portrait on the right wall.
There is a brown staircase that goes up, an oval hole in the middle of the white wall, and an OLED screen that expresses gorgeous black and blue between the holes.
There is an OLED screen that expresses clear blue and black between the purple lights.

New technology allows us to imagine alternate possibilities beyond the conditions of reality. The vivid synesthetic adventures that the artists create in OLED ART WAVE: Every Wave You Will Sense will replenish today’s inevitable lack of sensory experience. The ripple made by each artist, presented on the special canvas called the OLED screen, will reach you through this exhibition and continue to spread in the form of your unique “waves.”

Man and woman are standing in front of a pink OLED screen hanging on a pink wall.

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