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Open Innovation Forum 2020 | Experience

OLED Screen is moving erratically with a black backgroud.
OLED New Business
Unlock Your Future with OLED
OLED, Bringing Innovation and New Opportunities

Strongly rooted in its leading R&D capabilities, commitment to technological innovation, and openness to change, LG Display will continue to spearhead the display industry through the Open Innovation Forum.


Seong Hoon Chun, vice president of LG Display, is explaining something in front of the table.
“Following the global move to digital, LG Display will actively share and communicate its expertise in OLED technology with players from various industries, in accordance with the values put forth by the concept of open innovation.”
SeongHoon Chun
Vice President, Business Development Division at LG Display

LG Science Park Showroom

01. Bed Room :
My Healthy Life Mate

A Whole New World with OLED
LG Display brings innovation to the form factor and the visual potentials of OLED, by integrating display systems into interior spaces and furniture.
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A man is lying on a bed, watching rollable TV screen.

Smart Bed

Enjoy leisure on a whole new level with Transparent OLED. The see-through display seamlessly blends in with its surroundings, providing the ultimate sense of comfort.

The analysis result of sleeping data is shown on the Rollable OLED TV screen.

Smart Life

By monitoring the resident's health and sleeping patterns, Transparent OLED can deliver personalized solutions to a happier, healthier life involving better sleep and eating habits.

Several infographics are displayed on the Rollable OLED screen.

Home Control

Manage and control every aspect of your home - from indoor lighting to smart home appliances - while staying right where you are. Enjoy your music and watch your movies without any hustle and bustle around the room.

A woman is fitting clothes through the OLED TV installed in a dress room.

02. Dress Room :
My Smart Coordinator

OLED, Defining Innovation
In face of accelerated digital transformation, OLED brings innovation to the comfort of your home, using technology that connects you to your surroundings. Enrich your quality of life with OLED.
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A phrase appears on the OLED screen that says scanning QR code will lead to a detailed page of the product.

Expanding Your Life

Go beyond your everyday closet while shopping from home. With OLED Mirror, you can try on clothes virtually and complete your purchase in just a few taps. Can shopping get any better than this?

Various information is displayed on the Transparent OLED TV installed in the dress room.

Smart Window

Get ready with the weather forecast and a recap of your daily agenda, followed by the news as you prefer. Once your health and fitness applications are synced with Smart Window, you'll find yourself with access to useful information on different workout routines and essential vitamins - staying in shape never felt so easy!

A woman is fitting clothes through the OLED TV installed in a dress room.

Virtual Fitting Mirror

Try on a wide range of virtual clothes and get style recommendations using OLED Mirror, based on a personalized style database that features motion recognition technology.

03. Living Room :
My Own Playground

A Commitment to New Business Development
OLED technology's infinite potentials open doors to mindblowing and innovative solutions which span across different industries, including content marketing, transportation, construction, and IT.
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  • A speaker made of Cinematic Sound OLED is installed on a beige-toned wall.
    Phantom Speaker

    Phantom speakers, which have served key to the development of Cinematic Sound OLED, are known to blend in naturally with their surroundings. The speakers provide a lively and dynamic audio experience by sending sound forward from the TV's display panel, removing the hassle of having to install separate speakers.

  • Exercise videos are shown on the OLED TV, installed on beige-toned wall.
    Versatile Display

    OLED panels can be adjusted vertically and horizontally around a pivot mounted on the rail, making activities such as phone screen mirroring, exercise, meditation, and VR gaming much more convenient. Indulge in a healthy and elegant lifestyle with your very own personalized OLED system.

  • OLED TV that was hidden by the wall is coming out on rails.
    Rail & Pivot Wall Paper

    Supported by OLED's lightweight feature, seamless Rail & Pivot Wallpaper can be moved and adjusted along the rail as needed. With sound delivered directly from the panel, this added movement bolsters the liveliness of visuals.

  • A Transparent OLED TV installed between dressing room and living room seperates the spaces.
    Art Gallery

    Transform your home into a gallery with OLED. OLED displays can elevate your home atmosphere by working as transparent walls that divide existing space into unique sections. With their signature transparency, these screens can help maintain the openness of your indoor space, while displaying a unique smart home control system.

  • Artificial intelligence speaker made of OLED panel next to beds are shining pink.
    AI Speaker

    AI Speakers not only produce sound, but also project stunning holograms.

  • Several infographics are floating on the OLED TV screen.
    Ceiling-down TV

    Highly flexible in form and design, the OLED Ceiling-down TV offers an undisturbed view of any given space, leaving more room for creativity in interior design by eliminating the large blank presence often occupied by the display.


04. kitchen Room :
My Interactive Place

New Trends for Future Spaces
Catering to each and every client's needs, LG Display proposes innovative and personalized solutions based on extensive exploration and research on upcoming trends in the industry.
OLED TV screen installed in kitchen is floating a steak recipe.

Smart Shelf

The Smart Shelf adds much more to the kitchen than your standard cupboard. This particular display format brings innovation right to the kitchen by providing information and visuals on your favorite recipes or grocery lists.

OLED TV installed in front of the table is floating a video call screen.

Intelligent Kitchen Island

With a built-in Transparent OLED that slides up and down as you please, stay in touch with friends and family via video call, watch your favorite TV shows, or simply double-check your shopping list with ease. Zero contact doesn't stop OLED from helping you stay connected!

An image of a dressing room with a Transparent OLED TV.

LG Display
Open Innovation Forum 2020

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