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Space Innovation where Transparent OLED Meets, “Transparent Future Exhibition”

Jan 13, 2023

The “Transparent Future ExhibitionㅡCities, Industries, and Arts Transformed by Transparent OLED” that encompasses the innovation and future of Transparent OLED opened at the Sejong Arts Center in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, from December 12 to 24.

This exhibition is comprised of five theme zones, including Mobility, Office Space, Culture & Entertainment, Retail, and Home. Here’s your chance to experience firsthand the future being created by Transparent OLED in our everyday lives.

Transparent OLED,
an Openness that Transcends Limitations

The Mobility Zone introduces Transparent OLEDs incorporated into the windows, platform screen doors, or elevators of subways and other means of transportation. Travelers are able to appreciate the view seen through the Transparent OLED, while enjoying various content or receiving necessary information, such as traffic, tourist information, and maps. E-Crystal in the Office Space Zone substitutes the glass wall of the meeting room with Transparent OLED, which acts as a glass wall until there is a need to display information on it to use as a screen. The glass wall can also be converted into a blinder mode when privacy is required.

Passenger guidance messages are presented on Transparent OLED screens installed on subway screen doors.
T-Screen Door
Information related to transportation, tourism, and maps is shown through three Transparent OLED windows installed in the subway.
Transparent OLEDs in the office are installed on the wall, showing conference participants and meeting materials.

In the Culture & Entertainment Zone, Transparent OLED acts as a canvas to be reborn into a work of art. In traditional cultural spaces like museums and art galleries, Transparent OLED overlays its transparent and vivid images onto an artifact or artwork behind the display, offering a new type of immersive and interactive exhibition experience. T-Facade and Cake Showcase in the Retail Zone present futuristic brand content experiences by intuitively conveying product information and providing exposure to branding videosㅡsomething previously not possible with traditional displays.

Transparent OLEDs in dark spaces are installed on doors and floors to show artworks and create artistic spaces.
Magic T-Walk
Two transparent OLEDs are placed on both sides and products are displayed in the center.
Promotion information on cakes is visible on Transparent menu boards and showcase screens, and cakes are displayed inside the showcase.
T-Menuboard & Cake Showcase

The Home Zone introduces a stimulating open space by utilizing Transparent OLEDs that blend seamlessly into any space as they dissolve barriers in the home with a transmittance of 45%. T-Shelf, the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award 2022, combines Transparent OLED with furniture. This enables the product to be a household décor that displays information understatedly during downtime, while covering the back of the screen for clearer videos when being used as an OLED TV set.

Information such as time and weather is displayed on T-Shelf screen in the living room, and a frame is visible behind its transparent display.
A transparent OLED is installed like a partition on a wall with a warm color showing weather information.
Smart T-Partition

Transparent OLED, Presenting a New Visual Experience of Space

Transparent OLED technology maximizes the advantages of self-illuminating pixels. Lightweight, thin, and transmittance high enough to replace traditional glass, Transparent OLED is actively being applied in many areas, including mobility, architecture, signage, and digital art. Watch in anticipation as Transparent OLED unrolls the future for many industries while enhancing lifestyles by transcending the space limitations.

Find out and experience the products introduced in the “Transparent Future Exhibition” on the OLED Space Instagram page!

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