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Tech Reviewer introduces the 3rd Generation OLED, META Technology

Feb 8, 2023

UK’s leading TV technology YouTube channel HDTVTest introduces a review based on his firsthand experience with the 3rd Gen OLED META Technology. HDTVTest channel professionally compares and evaluates TVs, and has over 480 thousand subscribers.

This video introduces the newest OLED by comparing the brightness between 2nd Gen EX Technology and 3rd Gen META Technology and explaining how META Technology works. HDTVTest presents how META Technology achieves a groundbreaking level of brightness (2,100 nits) and the widest viewing angle (160º) through Micro Lens Array (MLA) and META Booster.

META Technology is the 3rd Gen OLED that transcends the 2nd Gen EX Technology. This new technology emits light on a superior level by improving viewing angle by more than 30% and brightness by 60%. Watch the video to get in depth information about MLA and the META Booster that enable 2,100 nits of brightness and clear images at any angle.

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