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The Top 5 Innovative Designs
from LG Display and Dezeen’s
OLEDs Go! Competition

Apr 28, 2021

Meet the top 5 finalists of LG Display and
Dezeen’s competition, OLEDs Go!

A lamp that unfolds into a screen, a TV that curves into a shelf and a display that can be easily wheeled from room to room are among the shortlisted designs from the ‘OLEDs Go!’ global design competition hosted by LG Display and Dezeen.

The judges sought designs that made use of OLED technology to solve problems or enhance daily processes. Over 200 entrants from more than 50 countries took part, focusing on OLED technology’s key qualities of lightness, thinness, flexibility, and transparency. Today we unveil the five finalists whose creations incorporated OLED technology to create stunning designs that improve every home.

Trollie by YunChik Lee and Bomi Kim

This portable concept has been designed to create a premium experience for everyday tasks. Inspired by our ever-increasing reliance on technology within the home, the Trollie can be moved from one room to another. The thin OLED screen is magnetically attached and can be re-positioned to create a better experience for video calls, live workouts, TV streaming, and more.

OLED panel installed in blue-green trolley
A woman is stretching while watching an exercise video in an OLED panel installed on a trolley.
Trollie can be moved around the home and used for a variety of tasks.

Scroll, by Richard Bone and Jisu Yun

Using OLED’s transparent technology, Scroll’s screen is designed to disappear when not in use. Inspired by an unraveled scroll, the slim OLED screen flicks into a curve at the bottom to create a simple shelf made from anodized metal. This elegant design feature means the user can personalize their space, changing from a digital display to a physical display without additional furniture.

Two OLED panels with a bent bottom bezel are installed on a white wall.
In a white-tone living room, an OLED panel with a bent bottom bezel is installed on the center wall, and books are on the curved bezel.
Trollie can be moved around the home and used for a variety of tasks.

Console by Gianfranco Vasselli

This three-in-one design provides a functional yet decorative shelf, a built-in light for reading, and a thin OLED screen for watching TV. The solid wooden frame incorporates nature into the high-tech design, making Console look like a Mid-Century furniture piece. It can also be used as a multimedia clock with integrated sleeping analysis to track the quality of your sleep.

A black shelf made of OLED panels. On the screen, a graphic animation consisting of red, orange, and blue lines is presented.
A white-tone bedroom with a bed in the middle and a long shelf of OLED panels installed over the bedside.
Signal’s design can be used as a speaker and a light; unfolding into a full-size TV.

Flag R. by Doyeon Shi

Flexibility in the home is more important than ever before, which was the idea behind Flag. R – A rollable OLED screen that is a TV, a speaker, and a sculptural object. The screen can be ‘unrolled’ full-width to watch movies or displayed with only one-fifth exposed to show track details of your favorite songs. The designer adds that the flexibility of the display enables the user to “create the interior layout of your choice like a Tetris game.”

On the blue-green shelf, there is an OLED panel unrolled next to a white speaker, and a music streaming display is presented on the screen.
In a brown-tone living room, an OLED TV is installed on a beige shelf. On the OLED screen, a picture of a mountain peak surrounded by clouds is presented.
Trollie can be moved around the home and used for a variety of tasks.

Signal by Jean-Michel Rochette

Signal’s USP is the element of surprise, transforming from a fabric-covered speaker/ambient light to a full-size OLED screen. The design folds in the center, closing like a book to become a sculptural object in its own right. The designer says: “Nowadays, a TV is often the center of attention in a room where it is displayed. What if we can remove a little bit of that attention and bring an element of decoration and surprise when it is not in use?

The winner of the competition will be announced in May 2021. The winner will receive the grand prize of €15,000, the runner-up will be awarded €10,000, and the remaining three finalists will be presented with €7,000 each. Learn more about the competition from Dezeen’s article here. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement for the grand prize winner!"

The picture of using OLED as a speaker by folding the screen on the left and the one of using OLED as a display by unfolding the screen on the right are presented in two parts.
Trollie can be moved around the home and used for a variety of tasks.

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