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Transparent OLED Partners with ‘Lab of Paris Baguette’ for a New Beginning of a Futuristic Store

Jun 15, 2022

Introducing ‘Lab of Paris Baguette’, a futuristic bakery made possible by the collaboration between LG Display’s Transparent OLED and Paris Baguette.

A transparent OLED panel is installed on top of the Paris Baguette entrance, which is made of glass on all sides, so that all the customers and sales floor in the store are shown.
Behind the transparent OLED, the baking process are seen and there are several customers sitting next to it.

Launched in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province, this laboratory-themed bakery invites customers to try out new services and new types of bread, cakes and pastries in development by SPC. LG Display has partnered with SPC to install digital signages made of 38 55-inch Transparent OLED throughout the store, the highest number of screens for a single unit of space. This collaboration provides a shopping experience that makes customers feel like they’ve stepped into the future.

There are six transparent OLED panels connected to the side, and there are tables and chairs in front of them for customers can sit.
The Paris Baguette logo is shown on a transparent OLED screen.

Six horizontally aligned large-scale signage boards attract visitors’ attention at the very entrance of the bakery, presenting a variety of content that makes the place feel special from the outset without blocking the space. A cluster of 22 Transparent OLED screens forms the ‘Transparent Media Art Wall’ behind the table area, providing innovative digital art which blends seamlessly with the wall’s texture. Not only do the screens enhance the interior design, but their ever-changing nature brings a sense of perpetual novelty to the bakery.

  • Behind a transparent OLED panel with white-colored words, a woman is choosing bread.
  • On the transparent OLED panel various phrases are showns and behind the panels, people can see the baking process.
  • A transparent OLED panel is installed between Paris Baguette display stands, and customers are choosing bread.

Eight OLED screens installed in ‘Pangyo Hogam Sand’ baking zone are applied with augmented reality, allowing customers to watch the baking process while enjoying digital artwork that introduces various product features. Stands made of Transparent OLED do not hinder visibility, delivering product advertisements or relevant information in an open environment and maximizing promotional effects.

Transparent OLED is a futuristic display that offers convenience and new experiences by capturing the attention of customers with its 40% transparency and vivid picture quality while conveying informative content. As the only company in the world that possesses the technology to mass-produce large Transparent OLED screens, LG Display will continue to create a never-before-experienced future via shopping malls, museums, subways, digital art exhibitions, and other various spaces that are incorporated into our lives.

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