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Nov 5, 2020

Buying and setting up a new TV can be a big hassle for consumers. Since you will be spending thousands of hours watching it, it is crucial to find the right TV that fits your home. In terms of picture quality, OLED displays are superior technology for TVs and have therefore become a popular choice for consumers. However, because it is a relatively new technology, it could be difficult to best utilize the benefits an OLED TV brings without a set up guide.

There are many OLED interior design ideas available online, but one of the most important factors that one should consider is viewing experience. This article will guide you on how to set up your TV and get the best immersive viewing experience possible.

OLED INTERIOR IDEAS Ultimate Immersive OLED Experience in your Own Space Tips told by interior design professionals from VSLB / The sceneries of the living room with the OLED panel installed are on the background.

OLED Interior Design Ideas for the Optimal View Experience

OLED displays offer the best quality pictures possible. However, you can enjoy an even more immersive viewing experience by following specific guidelines regarding location, distance, height and view angles. Chief Designer at VSLB Giacomo Mason shares his insights into the interior design process with OLED displays.

These guidelines should be considered first before coming up with any ideal OLED interior design ideas for your home.

Find the right location
your OLED TV

Location is an important part of your premium TV setup and could help with deciding which TV size (55’ vs 65’) to buy. Factors to consider when setting up your TV include where TV connection outlets are located, how windows reflect the light, and the availability of space.

Find the optimal distance to the screen

OLED TV displays have been certified and verified by TUV Rheinland and UL for being easy on the eyes from any distance. However, having the optimal seating arrangement is essential to the viewing experience. You don’t want to be too close or too far away. There is a formula to calculate the optimal distance to your OLED display. Simply multiply the diagonal dimension of the screen by 2*.

Find the optimal height to the screen

Height is another important factor to keep in mind when mounting your OLED TV. The vertical viewing angle should be between 0-15 degrees to avoid getting a stiff neck**. There is a reason why seats in the center of a movie theater are always filled first, with the front rows being filled last.

  • It shows image of living room with OLED TV from the ceiling. Small and large sofas are spread widely on both sides, but they fit in the angle of the old panel.
  • The small sofa and the large sofa are repositioned, but they fit in the angle of the old panel.
  • The position of sofa facing right in front of the panel fits in the angle of OLED panel.

In the past, having the TV screen perpendicular to the viewer was optimal. The reason was that conventional TVs were hard to see once the display was out of the viewer’s sightline. However, since OLED TVs have such clarity, wide viewing angles, and in-depth color accuracy, the optimal spot isn’t entirely necessary for an immersive viewing experience.

OLED panel have a wide view angle that provides the best quality from any angle.

Flexible Interior Layouts OLED Interior Design Ideas for the Rollable OLED

The Rollable OLED is an impressive technology that allows consumers to explore flexible interior layouts that let us explore traditional yet innovative space designs, thanks to its various placement possibilities. It is lightweight, allowing easily installation in various positions.

Giacomo reasons that if the back of the furniture is towards the center of the room, it creates an obstacle and a division in the room. Thanks to the Rollable OLED, placing the furniture with the back facing the edges of the room allows creating a harmonious layout.

With the Rollable OLED and its roll-up and roll-down functions, you can transform the device into multiple forms (full view mode, minimal mode, 21:9 screen and invisible mode). Whichever ratio you choose can transform your living space.

  • The artwork image is shown in clear color on the OLED screen.
    Full View Mode
    The Rollable OLED can create a division between areas, such as the living space and dining area when fully rolled-up.
  • The rollable OLED screen is rolled down to the dashboard size, showing the widget screen.
    Minimal Mode
    The Rollable OLED can create the right mood for your living space. Once rolled down to a dashboard size, it can be used to display widgets, ranging from a music player to a clock and weather app, or other widgets of your choice.
  • The rollable OLED screen is completely rolled down to show a sense of openness in the space.
    Invisible Mode
    The Rollable OLED allows for an inviting and open layout when rolled all the way down. It becomes an open space, providing a holistic living experience. Moreover, the invisible mode allows you to choose a placement in front of your window, as it doesn’t constrain the views.
  • A rollable OLED screen with a back to the living room around the evening and window shows a clearly colored artwork.
  • The rollable OLED screen is rolled down to the dashboard size, showing the widget screen. The rollable OLED screen is rolled down to the dashboard size, showing the widget screen.
  • The rollable OLED screen is completely rolled down to show a sense of openness in the space. The rollable OLED screen is completely rolled down to show a sense of openness in the space.

Finally, to match your interior layout and design best with OLED Displays, Giacomo recommends the current interior design trends which use earthy and soothing colors as well as natural and organic shapes that make your living space the most relaxing lifestyle experience.

He quotes: “In these times when we are constricted at home, in the city, people are lacking a sense of connectivity to nature. For this reason, we researched the design of natural shapes of walls that elegantly create the spaces around OLED screens unconsciously reminding of the organic shape of nature, of wind, of water. Through those natural shapes and volumes, the light is invited to enter with a more soft gradient, softly touching every surface.”

Transformative Layouts OLED Interior Design Ideas for the Wallpaper OLED

Its lightweight and imperceptible thickness make the Wallpaper OLED a masterpiece of technology. Simply hang it on the wall and transform your living space into an art gallery.

 A wall is built against the window in the sunny living room. A wallpaper OLED showing the artwork is installed on the wall.
The wall is set against the window in the darkened living room with curtains closed. A wallpaper OLED showing the artwork is installed on the wall.

The Wallpaper OLED can be used as a TV or just a display to showcase beautiful works of art from your favorite artists, transforming the room into a more sophisticated living space.

The Wallpaper OLED is a device that is easy to install wherever you want, without disrupting the fine materials of your walls. Additionally, the back is completely in contact with the surface of installation.

Why Life is Better with OLED

OLED offers many advantages. Giacomo describes that OLED allows consumers to explore interior design through the mixing and matching: a never-predictable blend of materials, colors and texture. It enables consumers to utilize a big variety creating a modern eclecticism expressed through the balance of tradition and innovation, and through the combination of colors and materials.

Not only are the display panels thinner, lighter, and more flexible, but they offer the best picture quality. OLED technology is used by leading TV manufacturers around the world for the following reasons:

OLED is the superior TV technology out there today. Now that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need, it is your turn to experience what OLED has to offer.

*Source: What size TV should you buy?
**Source: The optimal TV size and seating distance

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