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Ditch the Guilt Surrounding
Screen Time with OLED

May 15, 2020

Though it wasn’t a voluntary decision, sheltering at home with loved ones has literally brought families closer. Perhaps out of perpetual boredom or a much needed family time, families gather around the TV for entertainment and bonding. But amidst all the fun and good times, the increased screen time could be worrisome as everyone’s eyes are glued to the screen all the time.

But if the screen everyone is looking at is OLED, there is much less to worry. OLED is not only certified by TUV as the “Eye Comfort Display” and UL as the “Low Blue Light Display”, but also features flicker-free display, which means avoiding constant eye fatigue while staying entertained is a breeze.
Enjoy whatever content you and your family want with a peace of mind in ocular health and safety with OLED.

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