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Natural Reality: Visuals and Audios
as You’d Experience in Real Life

Aug 20, 2020
LED TV : Intense Bluelight, OLED TV : Less Bluelight / This is how it looks through a pair of bluelight detection glasses / The same sky in the picture is presented through LED TV and OLED TV respectively.

Colorful. Stimulating. Bright.

Until now, TVs and displays have been pursing something more colorful, more stimulating and with better resolution to attract people’s attention.

We believe that our
display should
go beyond technical

That’s why OLED is different.
In a world full of displays, we strive to help people
communicate and be fulfilled without disrupting
their days or harming their well-being.

When all we see is a pitch-black screen, how can we tell which colors are true-to-life? / An owl is sitting on a tree against a background of the full moon.

By showing visuals and audios just as you’d experience them in real life,
OLED delivers a Natural Reality.

Natural Reality.

 A huge forest is being realized with clean image quality through OLED panel.

Instead of being a distraction, OLED integrates naturally into your life.

This is what
we strive for with
OLED technology.
OLED Natural Reality

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