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Meeting the Ever-Evolving Versatility of OLED

Mar 3, 2021

Presenting a rare look inside a full suite of OLEDs, the video above features the Transparent OLED, Cinematic Sound OLED, Wallpaper OLED and Rollable OLED. It’s a quick and easy introduction to the four types of OLEDs, laying out the key differences and where and how each OLED display best suits consumers’ varying needs.

Besides the OLEDs’ shared achievements – surreal picture quality, flicker free and low bluelight technology, and certified eco-friendliness, transparency, audio output, thickness, and rollability define the very essence of the four types of OLEDs—as evident by their names.

Tap the link below and explore the very vehicle that would instantly transport any space to what’s long been pictured as the future.

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