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A perfect display just for you.
Learn more about what makes OLED special.
LG Display’s OLED philosophy

Natural Reality.

The OLED display in the wilderness of bright purple flowers shows the perfect background and perfect match rate.

Conveying visual experience true to nature, while avoiding pollution and use of harmful substances. This is the Natural Reality that an OLED display can conjure up as it becomes a seamless part of your life. This is the promise OLED continues to deliver on as it moves towards becoming the new benchmark for display technology.

LCD and OLED TVs are placed on the left and right sides, and both panels shows the night sky with the full moon rising. While LCD TVs are a little blurry, OLED TVs show a very clear full moon.

100% Live Pixel

Get accurate image quality and exceptional color with ‘100% Live Pixel’ control.

Do you still have a TV with a backlight that ruins the image? OLED has no image distortion because its millions of pixels all light up on their own for perfect color and contrast control. Only TVs with OLED can deliver truly detailed images without exaggeration or quality loss.

One TV has an LCD on the left and an OLED panel on the right, and the screen tiger is much clearer on the OLED side, and an actual tiger stands on the right.

100% Color Fidelity

See it all exactly how the creators intended with ‘100% Color Fidelity’.

All TVs claim to have improved color, but only OLED TV allows you to experience 100% perfect color accuracy. Check to make sure you have an OLED TV to get natural colors and see everything the way creators intended.

There are two identical screens of a man standing in a black hat and black clothes, LCD on the left and OLED TVs on the right. On the right screen, the man's expression and eyes are shown in more detail.

Perfect Black

See fine details in the dark and bring colors to life with ‘Perfect Black’.

Check out the difference between ‘better blacks’ and ‘perfect blacks.’ If you want to see all the stars of the universe pouring out in front of you, or the delicate emotional lines of an actor’s expression in the dark, make sure your TV is OLED.

The three screens are located on the left and right sides of the front, respectively, and the more they go from left to right, the clearer the screen with blue butterflies flying.

All Around View

Enjoy wide viewing angles and show everyone the whole picture with an ‘All Around View’.

Check if your TV has just slightly wider viewing angles, or if it has the best picture quality from any angle. OLED TV delivers the best picture quality to everyone in the room. Only OLED TVs give you the freedom to watch from any angle.

The color of the orange sports car is blurred on the LCD TV, while the color and movement of the sports car are clearly shown on the OLED TV on the right.

Faster Response Time

See every scene reproduced true to the original with ‘Faster Response Time’.

If you have one TV that can’t display a video correctly, and another TV that accurately reproduces the original source, Which would you choose? For faster response time, make sure it’s OLED, and see every moment flawlessly without smearing or tearing.

LCD TVs and OLED TVs are watched in one sunglasses, but the glasses on the left side of the LCD TV are still blue, while the glasses on the right side are gray.

Low Bluelight

Relieve eye strain with ‘Low Bluelight’ that doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

Between a TV with high levels of bluelight, and a TV with low bluelight, which would you choose? Check for UL and TUV-certified OLED displays with 50% lower bluelight.

* Compared to premium LCD TVs, based on measurements of LG Display.
The two screens show three white horses running in the same way, but LCD TV blinks in the middle, while OLED TV does not.

Flicker Free

‘Flicker Free’ doesn't burden your eyes because it doesn't even blink.

A display that minimizes eye fatigue by eliminating even blinking phenomena that cannot be detected with the naked eye. For your family's eye health, choose OLED certified by 'UL' and 'TUV'.

The boy on the left, dressed in blue stripes, is wearing glasses and frowning, while the girl in pink on the right is smiling while taking off her glasses.

Eye Safe

Designed with ‘Eyesafe’ for both eye safety and image quality, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Today, TVs don’t just bring us entertainment and information, but also play an important role in education and work. If you want the best picture quality without worry for your family’s eye health, the answer is ‘Eyesafe’ certified OLED.

A deer rushes into OLED TV with a green forest, and two rainbow birds sit on the branches above it.

Less Hazardous Substances

Eco-friendly displays built with ‘Less Hazardous Substances’.

Widely used in display manufacturing, cadmium and phosphorus are harmful to both your body and the environment. Make sure you have a cadmium and phosphorous-free SGS-certified OLED display.

Purple flowers, grass, and an agaeha are being watched on TV, a woman is smelling in front of the TV, and the kitten under the TV is making a mess of the agaeha on the screen.

Reduction in Sick House Syndrome

Eco-friendly displays for a ‘Reduction in Sick House Syndrome’.

Did you know TVs made with unnecessary plastics and chemicals emit harmful substances every time they’re turned on?

If you want to reduce harmful air for your family’s health, check for OLED with eco-friendly technology.

Various parts are placed behind the LCD TV on the left, old iron is placed in the front, and OLED TV on the right has an eco-friendly logo.

Higher Recyclability

Eco-friendly displays with ‘Higher Recyclability’ leave less trash on our planet.

Between a TV that pollutes with excessive parts, or a TV that reduces unnecessary plastics and offers the best performance, which would you choose? OLED enables the thinnest and most beautiful TVs in the world with minimal plastic and waste.

International Standard Certification

Learn more about the certifications awarded to OLED from a variety of global institutions.


  • Excellence for OLED's color accuracy
Logos that are certified by intertek about color fidelity Logos that are certified by intertek about accurate picture quality


  • Low bluelight emission
  • Flicker free and reduced glare
  • Eye-comfort display
Logo certified by Eyesafe Logo certified by TuvRheinland Logo certified by TuvRheinland about eye comfort Logo certified by FlickerFree Logo stating that LG have received Discomfort Glare Free certification from UL


  • Eco-friendly for minimizing
    hazardous substances in products
  • High level of recyclability
  • Reduced air pollutants
Logo certified by SGS as Eco product