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Three Tech YouTubers Talk about META Technology 2.0, the Latest OLED Innovation

Jan 22, 2024

The 3rd Generation OLED’s META Technology has evolved into META Technology 2.0 in just one year. 3 Tech YouTubers HighFidelity TV, HDTVTest, and ColorScale share their individual takes after a firsthand experience with META Technology 2.0, which was announced this year at CES 2024.

HighFidelity TV is a YouTuber who reviews audio and video equipment while also running an audio consulting company called HIENDAUDIO. Through comparative demonstrations and measurements, HighFidelity TV first explains that META Technology 2.0 was able to achieve a groundbreaking brightness of 3,000 nits through MLA+, which enhances light efficiency by optimizing lens angles through big data analysis, along with META Multi Booster, an algorithm that analyzes and strengthens peak white and color brightness. He expresses his astonishment at LG Display’s innovation that enhanced peak brightness by over 42% in a span of one year.

He then goes on to explain that the newly implemented Detail Enhancer enhances full-range HDR detail, bringing details of both bright and dark areas to life. By comparing screens side by side, HighFidelity TV acknowledges the excellence of META Technology 2.0 for expressing the unique colors and intricate details of any subject even on a dark screen, thanks to OLED’s distinctive pixel dimming technology.

HDTVTest, UK’s leading YouTube channel for TV reviews, explains in detail how the 3rd Generation META Technology improved its industry’s first-ever brightness of 2,100 nits achieved just last year to 3,000 nits this year. Along with conducting professional testing, HDTVTest introduces the concept of the Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology that has evolved to MLA+, META Multi Booster that enhances not only peak brightness but also color brightness, as well as the newly added Detail Enhancer technology. He also demonstrates OLED's superior pixel dimming technology compared to Mini LED's local dimming by comparing the two side by side.

ColorScale, a YouTuber who assesses the quality of displays through industrial-level measuring equipment and self-developed software, is known for providing consumers with a wide range of credible information. This professional display reviewer shares his hands-on experience with META Technology 2.0 by introducing the concept of META Technology 1.0 and META Technology 2.0 in detail, animatedly describing the evolution of the technology. He illustrates the features of META Technology 2.0’s MLA+, META Multi Booster, and Detail Enhancer in layman’s terms using a number of graphics and actual screens while demonstrating the new products' superior performance by using his own brightness measurement methods.

META Technology 2.0 realizes Natural Reality, the ultimate pursuit of OLED, by recreating a superior level of light by enhancing peak brightness by 42% (3,000 nits), and color brightness by 114% (1,500 nits). The evolution of META Technology 2.0 is the result of combining MLA+’s lens angle optimization, META Multi Booster’s strengthened peak brightness and color brightness, and Detail Enhancer’s ability to bring out details in dark areas of a screen. Experience the astounding picture quality and intricate details made possible via META Technology 2.0 through the in-depth reviews by HighFidelity TV, HDTVTest, and ColorScale.

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