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Art on OLED :
Blurring the Line
between Daily Life
and Art

Oct 6, 2020

“It was mesmerizing to see my surroundings and work seamlessly blend in together on the Transparent OLED. This allowed my work to exude a completely different ambience.”
– Media Artist Hunkyu Park, a.k.a PARPUNK

A man is stroking a transparent OLED panel installed on a desk by the window.
The man sketches something while looking at the scenery outside the window through the transparent OLED panel.

LG Display has partnered up with media artist Hunkyu Park (a.k.a. PARPUNK) and Anthracite Coffee Roasters to create the first-ever collaboration between Transparent OLED and media art. Dubbed “Art on OLED”, the project stemmed from exploring the idea of ‘coincidentally discovering media art at a familiar place’. With that in mind, the project has come to life as a form of inspirational art – “Art on OLED” is now open to the public and visitors will be able to enjoy art without having to visit a gallery.

The man is concentrating on something in front of a giant OLED panel. The OLED panel shows artwork against a pink background.
A man is working on something with laptop while sitting in front of the OLED panel.
An artwork is shown on an OLED panel installed on a counter wall in a large cafe.
The interior of the cafe where the OLED panel shines is shown. The OLED panel shows artwork of lavender flowers flying on a yellow background.

“Transparent OLED will inspire artists and bring new experiences for visitors”

As visitors stroll through the neighborhood of Itaewon, one of the most multicultural districts in Seoul, a huge glistening “art wall” placed at the border of a sleek, glass-cased café will undoubtedly catch their eyes. This café, Anthracite’s Hannam branch, now boasts a horizontally long display made up of seven 55” Transparent OLED panels connected together. On this art wall is the ever moving images of flowers and nature in vivid colors, piquing the curiosity of many. The unique, international community of Itaewon only accentuates the new form of art and the distinctive emotion it evokes.

The work featured on this huge art wall has been inspired by Odyssey’s journey to the land of the Lotus-Eaters and his encounter with the intoxicating Lotus plant. In fact, the said lotus plant was intoxicating enough to make Odyssey’s companions forget the fact that they had to return home from their long journey. It was drawing upon the similarities between Odyssey’s men and their fixation on the lotus plant and modern people’s infatuation with coffee.

An image of a fresh plant is shown on the OLED panel.
Photo by. (J-woo Kim)
The image of a fresh plant appears in distinct colors. The word "lotus" is repeatedly written on the leaves.
Photo by. (J-woo Kim)

“Transparent OLED is an artwork on its own”

Transparent OLED has been available for public view for the first time through this project. This was also the first-time PARPUNK, a veteran media artist, has worked with a Transparent display. PARPUNK claims that it was interesting to abandon the black background of conventional displays and focus on the fact that the background is indeed transparent. Because one can see through the display and there was more space for experiments, it was as fun as examining oneself in the mirror. For example, even testing a simple color or playing an animated video on the transparent panel was a completely new experience, even for the media artist himself.

Transparent OLED, like its name suggests, is almost as thin and transparent as glass, giving viewers the illusion that the panel looks like art itself. Though the Transparent OLED tries to mesmerizes those around them with its exceptional glass-like qualities, it maintains close-to-life colors as an OLED would, and can be placed anywhere without spatial limitations.

A dynamic wave image is being realized on the wall of the counter where the OLED panel is installed.
Photo by. (J-woo Kim)
Various spaces are shown on the OLED panel divided into three.
Photo by. @PARPUNK (HunKyu Park)

This is just one of the many use cases of the Transparent OLED. Interested in learning more? Click here for more information.

About the Exhibition:
September 1, 2020 – March 1, 2021
@ Anthracite Hannam Branch

※ We ensure that social distancing rules and regulations were strictly followed during production.

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