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OLED on SBS Broadcast, a Glimpse into the Future of Display

Jun 10, 2022

SBS unveiled OLED’s new aspects that have not been seen in a conventional display on recent two broadcasts, focusing on the excellence of OLED. Discover more about the differentiated value of OLED on the two programs.

① SBS 8PM News Presidential Inauguration Special Broadcast

  • The office of Yongsan is shown on a thin and transparent OLED screen, and the man next to it stands against the background of the Ministry of National Defense building.
  • A clear OLED screen shows a sharp picture of the president's office, and a woman stands behind the Defense Ministry building.
  • A man stands next to a transparent OLED screen that shows the current state of the stock market, and behind the panel is the Defense Ministry building.
  • A man sits next to a transparent OLED that explains the inauguration ceremony of the 20th president, and behind it is the Defense Ministry building.

‘The 20th Presidential Inaugural Ceremony’ broadcasted on SBS 8PM News on May 10TH showcased various contents such as the presidential office introduction, Cheongwadae(Blue House) opening, inauguration ceremony, and stock market through a Transparent OLED display.

In particular, this special broadcast was held in Yongsan, where the new president’s office is located. The Transparent OLED in the broadcast delivered news content and at the same time, showed the background of the Ministry of National Defense building through the display, creating a new space by breaking the boundaries between the surroundings and display.

LG Display’s Transparent OLED is not only as thin and clear as glass but also provides deeper and sharper picture quality with self-emissive technology. The display with nearly 40% transparency enables us to see the background, naturally harmonizing the information on the display and the space. It also can be utilized in various areas of everyday life such as signage, architecture, and mobility.

② SBS Featured Documentary “K-Content, Falling into Colors”

A woman is standing in front of a closet made of a transparent OLED display, touching the screen with her finger and looking at the screen.
There is a closet made of a transparent OLED display, and a person is touching the screen with a finger and looking at recommended clothes.

Following the news report, SBS aired a special documentary on the theme of “K-Content, Falling into Colors” on May 15th.

In line with the growing popularity of K-Content in various fields such as K-POP, NFT, movies, games, and virtual humans, the broadcast highlights the trend that colors are getting more important for consumers to watch content, and OLED is the optimized display that expresses the perfect color with advanced technology.

In addition, the program introduced installation cases of OLED display at LG Display’s OIF(Open Innovation Forum) exhibition in Magok Science Park. It contains a message that OLED makes you experience a new lifestyle in normal daily life, with an example of touchable transparent display used as a sliding door of closets.

Differentiated Value of OLED Display

OLED is self-emissive display where each pixel emits its own light without a separate backlight. Therefore, OLED not only boasts excellent image quality, but also realizes unprecedented transparency. And it enables infinite expansion into a variety of fields including furniture, shopping, and entertainment since it is thin and light.

Based on this infinite expansibility, OLED will continue to present features of the future displays for various purposes that have never been thought of by conventional displays through convergence with diverse industries. Stay tuned for continuous innovation in OLED which is connected to us anytime and anywhere and adds new value to everyday life.

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