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OLED Travels: Explore Shanghai’s Architecture Embellished by OLED Technology

Aug 30, 2021

Shanghai evokes history, luxury, glamour and mystique through its array of diverse architecture. Lujiazui’s jagged skyline rises and falls like the proverbial heartbeat of the city, showcasing modern, renaissance, art deco, and neoclassic architecture. OLED’s renowned technology is the perfect match for Shanghai’s unique setting, with the Transparent OLED, Wallpaper OLED and Thin Actuator Sound OLED enhancing the most important areas of this boutique hotel to provide guests with an unforgettable experience.

The lobby of this luxe hotel welcomes and delights with ambient lighting, cozy furniture and floor-to-ceiling views of Pearl Tower. Traditional design has been considered here, with a lacquered lattice framing the window and spiral staircase. The lattice contains Transparent OLED panels that provide information and entertainment to guests – whether it is tourist information or an important notice to guests – without disrupting the spectacular view of Shanghai. High tech for high expectations.

The dark brick walls, marble surfaces and gold details omit an essence of luxury at first glance, but this beautiful hotel room is more than its furnishings. The Shanghai scenery is topped with the Wallpaper OLED, which displays a panoramic view of Shanghai’s traditional garden Yuyuan, serving as a focal point for entertainment and a contrast to the city scape. The ultra-thin screen blends into the wall to enhance a sense of immersion, without any distractions such as shadows created from a thick TV or a TV stand.

Bringing together elements of the luxurious lobby area and opulent bedroom, the rooftop terrace is the ultimate place to relax and party in equal measures. Set across three levels, guests can gaze over the city, relax in the pool or get cozy on the plush sofas. The four panels of Thin Actuator Sound OLED placed in front of the sofa act as vibration panels to generate sound forward, creating an immersive and true-to-life viewing experience. The front-facing speakers synchronize what you see and hear, offering the most authentic audio and visual experience in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

With OLED, this glitzy hotel is designed to please the modern traveler, with panoramic views, contemporary tech and lush furnishings tied up in a stylish bow. OLED’s superior technology has been used to elevate these already contemporary spaces, using self-lit pixels, self-emissive displays and immersive sound to create a seamless experience that neither detracts or affixes the gaze.

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