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OLED Travels: Seoul’s
Traditional Architecture Meets
OLED Technology

Apr 7, 2021

Modern meets traditional with Transparent OLED, Wallpaper OLED and Cinematic Sound OLED in this South Korean hanok.

While Seoul is known for its modern skyscrapers and contemporary style, traditional Korean architecture is never forgotten. Hanoks have been built from natural materials since the 14th century, using wood, clay, stone and paper to bring the outside-in. The advanced OLED technology is a stark contrast to these spaces built on nature, yet works in harmony with each room’s flow. The OLED becomes a central focus of the room yet simultaneously subtle against the traditional décor.

Putting traditional design at the forefront, the Transparent OLED lets this traditional tea room do the talking. Entertain your guests with tea and sweets while looking onto lush greenery. The Transparent OLED plays your favorite songs from its 55″ screen, which blends into the natural environment and allows guests to enjoy the Seoul skyline and Olympic Park. With no external light source or backdrop necessary, you can experience ultra-transparency with your own eyes, thanks to the Transparent OLED.

It can be challenging to integrate modern technology into spaces that are designed to encourage conversation and connection. This dining room places nature at its heart, with stone-colored floor cushions scattered around an antique wooden table, offset by traditional hanji. The Wallpaper OLED is hidden in plain sight, serving as a window to anywhere in the world. Use it as a frame for family photos, for watching your favorite TV show or as a vessel for playlists. The Wallpaper OLED is a perfect example of technology blending into traditional settings while enhancing shared experiences.

Living rooms are designed to offer comfort and relaxation. The Cinematic Sound OLED mimics the clean lines of the seokkarae ceiling and granite floor, serving as a stoic addition to this serene space. Gather friends and family around the screen to view true-to-life graphics and sound, thanks to the immersive cinematic sound generated directly from the display. Play games, watch movies or listen to live music with OLED’s pioneering technology, all from the comfort of this traditional space.

In our modern world, we’re always searching for ways to get back to basics and cherish the things that matter the most. The advanced OLED technology allows you to benefit from OLED’s modern conveniences while staying true to traditional design aesthetics.

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