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Reimagine History with OLED Technology at This Virtual Museum

Jul 12, 2021

The past meets the future in a virtual museum with history being told through the lens of the Transparent OLED, Wallpaper OLED and Cinematic OLED.

Take a journey into the past at this virtual museum, adorned with OLED displays. Drawing a juxtaposition between modern and traditional, the museum features picture-perfect OLED displays and classically French-inspired interior design, telling a story of the past history through OLED displays.

Walking into the main hall of this virtual museum sets the scene for a unique interior design, thanks to OLED technology. The ceiling twinkles in anticipation, showcasing galaxies, stars and the Big Bang across multiple Wallpaper OLED screens to represent the beginning of time and the start of the exhibition. The elegant rows of paper-thin Wallpaper OLEDs direct the gaze to the gothic-revival architecture, seen through the dramatic arched windows above the double staircase. With the displays, museum-goers are easily directed to the exhibition halls.

Several Cinematic Sound OLEDs garnish the walls of this passage to create a genuinely immersive experience with true-to-life colors and sounds of nature. The cinematic sound is emitted across the entire screen – in sync with the visuals – to portray a realistic understanding of the past lifestyles. Instead of traditional projectors that take away the original colors of the exhibitions, OLED installed in this multimedia room helps retain the colors they were intended to be.

In the Exhibition Hall, an extinct species of Sea Mink, which once ranged the North American east coast even until recently, is resurrected through two Transparent OLED self-emissive displays, showing authentic movement, colors and sounds as it meanders around the screen. While the Sea Mink moves, the Transparent OLEDs create a virtual environment overlaid with facts and images to provide information. With a record-breaking transmittance of 40%, the Transparent OLED delivers incomparable ultra-transparency.

With winding narrow streets and rising turrets, the classically French architectural existence is omnipresent throughout the museum. What brings the historic artifacts to life though, are none other than OLED displays, which feature various content that adds to the museum experience. The virtual museum provides a modern look into historic times thanks to OLED displays, bringing the past to the future in the most innovative way.

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