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The 2nd OLEDs Go! Competition to Seek Innovative Designs

Nov 5, 2021

LG Display and Dezeen will be hosting the second edition of the “OLEDs Go! Competition”, in search of creative designs that feature OLED displays catering to changing lifestyles while enriching user experience.

Yellow OLEDsGo! There are many different colors next to stationery.

Advances in technology and shifting cultural values are altering the lifestyles of people of all ages across the world. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has enabled people to reshape and re-evaluate all areas of their lives, including work, relationships, and values.

In line with the coming new era, the “OLEDs Go! Competition” aims to encourage designers around the world to create designs incorporated with small- to medium-sized OLED displays (between 27 and 55 inches diagonally) that provide new experiences that enhance people’s transforming lives.

Entries should aim to improve aspects of lifestyles and utilize the key benefits of OLED displays.

Rather than radical or futuristic concepts, we are looking for practical designs that could be developed and produced over the next few years.

Judging criteria

All entries will be judged on how well the design meets the requirements set out above. In particular, the jury will consider creativity, aesthetics, functionality, and feasibility as the key criteria.


    How original is the design? Does it incorporate OLED technology in a new and creative way?

    How attractive is the design? Is the product desirable?

    How useful is the design? How does it enhance the user’s changing lifestyle?

    How practical is the design? Can it be manufactured using current OLED technology?
Designs that are too similar to an existing product or is reminiscent of one of the shortlisted designs from last year’s edition of the OLEDs Go! competition will not be able to receive a high score. Check out last year’s shortlist here for reference.

Closing date

All entries must be received by 23:59 GMT on Monday 20 December 2021. Any entries received after this date will not be considered.

The shortlist will be announced and published on Dezeen in February 2022. The finalists will be announced in March 2022 and the winner announced in May 2022.

Winners and prizes

The competition has total prize money of €88,000, which will be divided among the top five finalists.

The winner will receive a top prize of €35,000, the runner up will receive €20,000 for second place. The third place will win €15,000, fourth place €10,000 and fifth place €8,000.

*The full terms and conditions for the competition can be viewed here.

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