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OLED, Recognized as Eye-Friendly by Ophthalmologists

Apr 11, 2023

Ophthalmologists of Eyesafe, a US-based company that certifies matters on eye safety, uploaded videos on their social media accounts explaining why OLED is better for your eye health. Dr. Dagny Zhu and Dr. Mitch Jackson articulates the superiority of OLED TVs and monitors, focusing on why they are safer and healthier for your eyes.

“Low Bluelight” is Key for Eye Comfort

Graph indicating that the proportion of blue light wavelengths that are not good for eye health is 71% for LCD and 35% for OLED

Bluelight is a light source emitted from devices such as smartphones, monitors, and TVs. Compared to LCDs, OLEDs emit lower levels of bluelight, which is known to affect eye health negatively. Bluelight emits higher energy the shorter the wavelength, OLEDs generally have longer wavelength, which emit approximately 50% less bluelight than LCDs.

Professionals on Why OLED is Better for Eye Health

"Bluelight suppresses melatonin, thereby negatively affecting sleep. An OLED TV is not only beneficial for better sleep by emitting lower levels of bluelight but also a better choice to minimize eye strain as it is free from flickers or glares. To top it off, OLED has stunning picture quality as well.”

Ophthalmologist Dr. Dagny Zhu explains the excellence of OLED in eye health.
Dr. Dagny Zhu,

"Bluelight suppresses sleep-disrupting melatonin. Because OLED monitors emit low levels of bluelight, your sleep quality will improve as a result.

The leading product of such OLED gaming monitors is LG Display's UltraGear OLED Gaming Monitor. This product's strength is not only for its low bluelight emission but also for its superior 240hz refresh rate."

Ophthalmologist Dr. Mitch Jackson explains the excellence of OLED in eye health.
Dr. Mitch Jackson,
A picture of a boat crossing the sea is shown on the 65'' OLED TVs.
A logo of eyesafe and TUV that certificates low blue light.

LG Display received the world's first Eyesafe® certified OLED TV, co-developed by "TUV Rheinland," a world-renowned certification agency, and Eyesafe, a company specializing in certifying optical safety matters.

In a world where TVs, monitors, and other digital devices are used ubiquitously in our lives, OLED is no longer a choice but a necessity for eye comfort.

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