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Gaming OLED, vivid graphics combine with the world’s fastest response time for the most immersive and optimal gaming display.
OLED for Optimal Gaming Experience
Emerge victorious with the ultimate Gaming OLED through fast response, superior picture quality, and low eye stress.
  • Interactivity

    • Faster Response Time
      • - Inverse Ghosting Free
      • - Lower Input Lag
    • High Refresh Rate
      • - Low Motion Blur
  • Reality

    • Actual HDR Luminance
    • Mirror Reflection Free
      & Low Reflection
    • Ergonomics Design
      • - Adaptive Curvature
  • Safety

    • Lower Bluelight

Faster Response Time

The Fastest Display

Through self-emissive structure with no backlight, OLED’s superior response speed is 100 times faster than the previous gaming monitor.

The three white arrows are moving towards color filter, which is composed of the red, green, blue and white.
Three white arrows are passing by the glass through layers consisting of red, green, blue and white.
* Measured based on 45'' and 27'' Gaming OLED.

Faster Response Time

Ghosting Free

The fast response speed of the Gaming OLED does not require overdrive, preventing inverse ghosting. Unlike LCD, OLED presents vivid images and accurately expressed colors.

A red sports car is driving on the road with an inverse ghosting, presenting blur and unclear colors.
A red sports car is driving on the road without an inverse ghosting, presenting vivid and clear colors.
* Inverse Ghosting : An image artifact that appears as a trail of pixels behind a moving object, creating a blurred effect.

Lower Input Lag

Through a fast response time of 0.03ms, gamers are able to experience faster Total Input Lag.
* VRR : Variable Refresh Rate (Free Sync / G-Sync) * Measured based on 45'' and 27'' Gaming OLED.


Low Motion Blur

With an impressive 240Hz refresh rate, the Gaming OLED is significantly smoother and less blurry than LCD’s 60Hz.


Actual HDR Luminance

LCD appears brighter than OLED under artificial testing conditions, but the brightness of OLED surpasses LCD in an actual gaming environment. OLED’s self-lit pixels and pixel dimming express peak luminance for HDR output.
TEST Box Pattern (APL 15%) Actual Gaming Environment (APL 15%)
  • The moon in the night sky is obscured by hazy clouds.
    1000nit 350nit
    Due to backlight illumination, the brightness of whites is limited in HDR.
  • Although the moon in the night sky is obscured by clouds, it is shining luminancely.
    600nit 600nit
    In HDR mode, the image is shown exactly as the creator intended.

Mirror Reflection Free &
Low Reflection

Applied with the Gaming for Black technology, the immersive Gaming OLED blocks any disturbances from your surroundings.
  • LCD
    A man is playing a game in a vague image of the earth and himself is reflected.
  • OLED
    A black spacecraft is flying over the Earth with a clear view.

Ergonomics Design

The flexible nature exclusive to OLED enables adaptive curvature, allowing gamers to experience heightened immersion by optimizing the monitor’s curvature for each game.
Adaptive Curvature Display
Normal mode Gaming mode
A boy is leaning on a red chair typing on a keyboard.


Lower Bluelight

OLED emits less harmful bluelight compared to LCD, alleviating eye stress even after prolonged gaming sessions.
LCD < 70%, OLED < 40%

International standard


Logo that Intertek has certified fast response time and reverse ghost-free


Intertek Color Fidelity Certified Logo.


Logo certified by Eyesafe Logo certified by TuvRheinland Low Blue Light Hardward Solution Platinum Logo certified by UL


48" / 42" Gaming OLED
  • Size
    48" / 42"
  • Refresh Rate
  • Response Time (GtG)
  • Resolution
    4K UHD
    (3,840 x 2,160)
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Surface Treatment
    Gaming for Black
  • Luminance
    (APL 10 / 100%)
    Typ. 720 / 135nit
  • Low Bluelight
    TUV, UL
* APL : Average Picture Level
The OLED panel is on the right wall of the living room, showing the screen of the sunset and orange lighting on the plain, colorful fireworks from the sky, and a gigantic white castle underneath.
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